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Ok, before I get far let's talk common sense. Common sense is don't attempt this peel without reading directions, the risk is yours and lastly...have realistic expectations. This peel isn't going to turn the clock back 10 years but if you do it consistently as directed, you will see results especially with evenness of your skin tone and improvement in texture and fine lines.

Next, I want to share that I spent years in a tanning bed (16-21). Eeek, yes I know but when you know better you do better and I didn't know the risks like I do now. Lesson learned. Sun protection is my number one anti-aging strategy so I definitely have learned a big lesson.

Lastly, a chemical peel in a spa averages about $125-$150 each session. This chemical peel is $36.99 and will give you on average of 8 peels.

I found this peel a few years ago through my attempt to help combat the aftermath of autoimmune issues and the effects on my skin. My face was in constant breakout mode, and left dark spots on my face that irritated me so off I went searching and I stumbled upon this peel. So if you have more than just hyper-pigmentation that you're treating, this may also work for your acne.

I know I've shared on IG a lot but I really strongly dislike appointments. The only standing appointment I have on a monthly basis is getting my hair colored. So if you're like me and dislike the constant running and breaking up your day with appointments then this solves that issue as well. Saved in my IG stories you'll find where I share doing this peel. Trust me when I say you need a fan or blow dryer.

As you can see on my face I have two large spots of hyper-pigmentation. One of them from a current breakout on my forehead and another closer to my hairline that scared from a breakout a few months ago. This peel is great for this type of hyper-pigmentation.

Items You'll Need:

Jessner's Peel, Peel Cleanser and Peel Moisturizer

Alcohol Wipe

Gauze Pad

Old Wash Cloth

**Simply Living by Chelsea assumes no liability, use product at your own risk**

Step 1: Read directions and follow them not mine :)

Step 2: Cleanse face with alcohol wipe

Step 3: Begin applying solution as directed

Step 4: Begin wait time as directed, use a blow dryer or a fan to keep your face cool (don't skip this, you'll regret it big time)

Step 5: Reapply solution as directed and repeat process until frosting on skin begins

Step 6: Once you've achieved your desired number of application rounds, neutralize the peel by using water or water and peel cleanser.

Step 7: Pat your face dry and apply moisuritizer

Step 8: Let the waiting begin, over the next few days your skin will become tight and begin peeling. DON'T PICK, TEAR OR PEEL OFF YOUR SKIN.

Step 9: Keep moisturizing through the entire process

Step 10: Enjoy your new fresh skin ;)

This Jessner Peel comes with a cleanser to neutralize the peel (end it) and also the BEST moisturizer that I love so much I've purchased separately on it's own. During this last session I was out so I used Cerave as an alternative.

You need to follow the directions and go at your own pace. See my IG stories to watch my experience and learn some tips and tricks. The biggest one is the blow dryer is your best friend. As you can see from above your face gets red and hot. No big surprise.

I will post my before and after in a few days on IG and then update the post with a before and after picture. I can confidently say that this peel has helped even my skin-tone tremendously. I had lots of scaring from picking my face (see above) and dark spots from sun beginning on my face when I started these peels about a year and a half ago. I'm very happy with the results of this peel and hope that if you try it you let me know your experience. I love connecting with you all and can't wait to see some before and afters.

Let the peeling begin!



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