What would we do without Amazon, especially Prime. I mean can you even remember life without it? I don't want to ;). I never thought I'd be one to buy clothes off Amazon for a few reasons, first off being that I thought everything on their was sub-par was I dead WRONG. Secondly, I didn't think I could judge from a picture how the piece of clothing would fit on me; however I've found that all to be so untrue. You can buy clothes from Amazon and they can look amazing on you. Added bonus is that on most items you can return for free and can even drop off at a UPS or Kohls and have them do most the return work for you.

I've been living in leggings and a variety of Athleta sweatshirts the past few months. Rob has even coined it my "mom uniform". I have no intentions of giving up my leggings, however I wanted to get out of the monotony of the repeated "mom uniform", so denim pull on jeans it is! I didn't want to sacrifice comfort for style during my daily walk to school, carpool, grocery store run kinda day....exciting stuff. When you get these you'll wonder how you did life without them. They're that comfy! No sucking in required, no button digging on your tummy after a few too many chips. Added bonus is you feel like you have a built in girdle. I'm up for one of those.

I'm wearing the wash Harmony in a size 2. The great thing about these is that they come in short, regular and long lengths. How convenient is that. I wore them a few times before posting so here's the run down:

True to Size (I'm typically a 26/27)

I'm 5'5 - and a half ;) that half counts.

They are a high rise, my guess is about 7"

On day two of wearing them they held their shape as well as day one. By day three of wearing them they were slightly loser fitting but not enough that it bothered me or looked bad. Ready for a wash.

I've linked them from Walmart and Amazon. They come in a crop version and different washes, hence the multiple links. The very right link from Amazon is where I ordered mine from, again in the Harmony wash.

Also worth noting that the back pockets are sewn in the center of our bum, so your tush looks nice. Nothing like loving a pair of jeans only to find that the pockets are sewn closer to your hips and make your rear look like a back bumper. These do NOT do that ;). Bum approved.

Happy I'm wearing jeans but they feel like leggings shopping!

Guide to Returning Items On Amazon

**Note: The very right link is the Amazon one I ordered mine from in the Harmony wash**



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