26 Ways To Spend Time At Home

I wanted to share a few ways I've personally been spending time at home that hopefully will inspire you to use this time as a blessing and turn darkness to light.

a. Writing down family recipes in a hand written cookbook.

b. Writing down a prayer list of friends and family that will likely feel the effects of this. Some own salons, car dealerships, work for global impact non-profits...trying to make an effort to put those prayers up to God for blessings to come down on to them.

c. Working on learning more about my houseplants and how to properly care for them. I am a plant lover but I typically joke they are my victims. I tend to over water, under water and continually purchase them. I'm using this time to really nurture and appreciate them so going forward I am not in a constant cycle of buying and dying ;).

d. Writing letters to loved ones that are deeply meaningful and impactful. Doing my best to share a deep seeded memory or positive feeling this person evokes within me to share how much I love and appreciate them.

e. Focus less on what I don't have and appreciate what I do have. I'm doing this by starting a gratitude journal. I've also been journaling my days. I think it's important to see the silver lining and so much good has come from this. I want to truly look back at this time and see joy, gratefulness and positivity rather than sorrow and sadness.

f. Purging old computer files, creating systems for organization such as favorite pictures I take on my phone that I want to print, now have their own album labeled: "Favorites to Print" & "Favorites to Put in Digital Album" so I can keep on-top of it and not waste time going through photos, which seems to suck me in for hours.

g. Write my children each a letter related to this experience and have them open it years from now. I want their to be some impact long down the road related to this event that creates a sense of endurance, strength, work for something attitude within them.

h. Plugging more time into my marriage. Making an effort to show small acts of kindness and love within our day to day routine.

i. Catching up on physical scrapbooks I've made for Kyler and haven't yet started for Brennan.

j. Catching up on digital family photo books.

k. Spending time away from social media and trying to use this time that feeds my soul best.

l. Paint touch-ups around the house. We have so many of these with lots of water issues, I've been dreading this for some reason, now I'm grateful to check this off my list.

m. Yard work- cleaning out mulch beds, sealing teak furniture, cleaning grill grates that I forgot to do last fall.

n. Going through totes in storage room and purging what we don't want. This has been a continuous process for me personally, hoping this time I can let go of more physical possessions.

o. Creating seasonal recipe lists we'd like to try.

p. Brennan's birthday is coming up, so working on crafting some Disney paper hand puppets so his birthday feels special. He wants to pretend our house is the Disney castle, stretching our imaginations to make this happen.

q. Using my Pinterest wardrobe boards and editing down some of my favorite looks. Shopping my closet to see what I already have to make those happen and taking inventory of items I desire to purchase in the future.

r. Lots of phone calls to the most vulnerable during this event. Many of our neighbors are in their 80's so doing our part to check in, keep them company and offer any help.

s. BBG at home workouts

t. Printing off spring mood boards and hanging them up. I'm enjoying having these around my house as a little hope of the season upon us.

u. Finally make silhouettes of my children.

v. Painting some furniture once the weather warms up a bit.

w. Attempt to spray paint some wicker baskets white. Some for Easter baskets and others from my closet. Admittedly this is not my norm, I'm usually all about ease and would just repurchase but I have tons of white spray paint so I'm going to give it a try.

x. During our walks, go clip some of the Forsythia branches in our back yard and force them inside.

y. Lots of phone calls to the most vulnerable during this event. Many of our neighbors are in their 80's so doing our part to check in, keep them company and offer any help.

z. Taking this time to design a future home that we feel best fits our needs and wants. Not be confused with not being grateful for what we currently have, but using this time to deeply asses life and what that looks like going forward.

I hope this list helps serve as an inspiration of a few ways to be productive and seek joy during this time. I feel confident in a few weeks if we can all do our part that things will resume to a new normal. My prayer is that our new normal sparks us all to have a greater appreciation of one another despite our human defaults. To choose to seek joy not just for one self but for others as well.

- Chelsea



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